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Online Imaging Resources

University of Rochester Radiology Teaching Files
Multiple body systems, modalities and pediatric cases (History, findings, diagnosis, discussion, references, images)
UW MSK Radiology Web Lab
University of Washington Department of Radiology
Yale – FSFB Cider
Pulmonary radiology- Ebooks, tutorials, case of the month
Terminologia Anatomica
English and Latin trees of anatomical terms, Requires Adobe Flash Player
The Whole Brain Atlas
Normal brain, with CT, MR, PET and 3D images; labeled anatomy, multiple pathologic images with imaging in various
University of Hawaii Department of Pediatrics
links for various pediatric imaging cases (emergency and neuro)
University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology Case Studies
pathology case database organized by case of the month or by patient history
Radiology education digital library Curated by Michael D’Alessandro, M.D.
Major sections: and (Links to multiple radiology imaging sites and teaching file sites)
RSNA Teaching File System
Searchable database of images/cases Login not necessary even though it asks.
Pediatric only
Teaching Files Portal; University of Washington Department of Radiology
Teaching Files Portal: breast imaging teaching files, liver atlas, muscle atlas, neuro teaching files, online MSK Radiology book.
Extensive list of anatomic structures; explanations and labeled diagrams.
Medscape Radiology Articles
Brain/spine, breast, cardiac, chest, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, head and neck, multisystem, musculoskeletal, Ob/Gyn, pediatrics, technical/physics, vascular/interventional, normal anatomy, pathology, quiz, anatomic illustrations.
OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University)
* Pediatric normal measurements
Lieberman’s eRadiology
Teaching programs from the Harvard Medical School curriculum
 interactive radiology tutorials, case collections; anatomy tutorials/atlas
Lumen Cross-sectional Tutorial – Loyola University
Cadaver and corresponding CT and MR images with labeled anatomy Head & Neck, upper limb, male and female thorax, abdomen, male and female pelvis, lower limb.
Loyola University Medical Education Network
Heart development; with illustrations and animations
Imaging Anatomy
”…interactive atlas is a reference of normal imaging anatomy for the Radiologist and Radiologic Technologist as well as a learning device for health professionals in general studying anatomy…”; representative images in various modalities Anatomy and ultrasound modules; links to other radiology websites.
Instant Anatomy
Anatomic notes and diagrams, tips, mnemonics
Chest X-ray The Art and Science of Thoracic Imaging
cases; lectures; TNM staging; chest anatomy tutorials, etc.
Harry’s Chest Atlas
radiology teaching file; includes anatomy as seen in cross sectional images; also has some links
University of Virginia Introduction to Radiology
 An online interactive tutorial
Multiple pathologic conditions with corresponding images; also includes multiple positioning/interpretation tutorials, and a rad bio tutorial
Anatomy Atlases
Compilation of digital anatomy atlases, curated by Ronald A Bergman, Ph.D.
Atlas of Human Anatomy, Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section, Links to other anatomy atlases including imaging atlases
Baylor University
 Congenital heart disease with comparison to normal chest radiograph.
Case in Point: ACR American College of Radiology
                See also
The Common Vein Project
anatomy; biology; some pathology and images; includes imaging section
*WebPath The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education: University of Utah
General and systemic pathology, virtual patients, tutorials, corresponding imaging studies; over 2700 illustrations, more than 20 tutorials
MRI Master
A clear and easily accessible guide to many of the practical aspects of MRI
Protocols, question forum, case studies, lectures
Radiology Café
Designed for medical students primarily to assist them in getting information about choosing radiology as a specialty or for early radiology residents. Includes anatomy and an overview of the imaging modalities.
University of Nebraska Medical Center Interactive Radiology and Cross-sectional Anatomy Guide
Free comprehensive sectional anatomy web-site
A list of resources based on the visible human project.
RadAnatomy – University of Kansas Medical Center Radiographic Anatomy Program
Learning Radiology – Medical Students
Primarily recognizing pathology on imaging studies, directed toward medical students
The Radiology Portal | A resource portal page for Radiologic Technologist’s, Radiologist’s, and Radiology Student’s (
A resource portal for radiography students.  This hasn’t been updated in a while, but still has some interesting content.
Geeky Medics | free medical student revision notes, OSCE guides & MCQs
A compendium of information for students in medical programs.  You may need to dig a little to find the relevant material for imaging.
This is one of my go to for the classroom resources
Startradiology – your radiological knowledge starts at StartRadiology – Startradiology
Lesson in radiology aimed at radiology interns. Some may be useful for radiographers.
Multiple listings at this website