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Why Join the ISSRT?

Join the Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists (ISSRT) and experience a vibrant community, essential tools, and exceptional learning that will enhance every aspect of your professional development. The Society is committed to serving as an organization that connects remarkable people and remarkable ideas to result in a stronger community for those interested in radiologic technology.

Vibrant Community

In ISSRT, your peers are often your most valuable resource. As a member, you will be connected to a network of radiologic technology professionals, industry partners, and consultants throughout the state of Illinois, well as nationally. Members share expertise and receive advice at Regional and State meetings, networking receptions, and social events. The peer-to-peer learning experience is unparalleled.

Essential Tools

As a member of ISSRT, you will discover the vast array and convenience of countless resources right at your fingertips, including:

  • Newsletter
    Have a question about radiologic technology? We’ve got answers. Find numerous articles and other resources in the Society’s newsletters to help you meet the challenges you face every day.
  • Jobs Board
    You will have access to our jobs board, jobs from all over the state and nation in one place. No need to search multiple sites, it is all here, in one convenient place.

Exceptional Tools

ISSRT has extraordinary educational offerings including:

Annual Conference: Every year, radiologic technology professionals and industry partners gather at the largest education and networking event focused on radiologic technology in the state.

Local and Regional Programs: Curious minds come together to explore new tools and approaches that help develop personal careers and the profession beyond expectations and into something remarkable.

Without a doubt, membership in ISSRT offers a vast array of resources to help you compete in today’s market and keep you informed of critical professional issues that may challenge your success. Whether you are a student or an experienced technologist, you belong in ISSRT. Become a member today. Be a part of something REMARKABLE.

Join the ISSRT

Complete our online application to join the ISSRT! There are four membership levels:

Active Members

Active Members ($50/year) are those who are registered or certified in a primary modality by certification agencies recognized by the ASRT or hold an unrestricted license in medical imaging or radiation therapy under state statute. They shall have all rights, privileges and obligations of membership including the right to vote, debate, hold office and serve as a delegate in the ASRT House of Delegates.

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Associate Members

Associate Members ($50/year) shall be persons who hold Illinois limited radiography accreditation; graduates from accredited primary medical imaging or radiation therapy programs or programs in an accredited institution accepted by certification agencies recognized by the ASRT, who are not yet registered in a primary modality; or, those who are or have been employed in the technical, educational, managerial or corporate aspects of the medical imaging and radiation therapy profession and do not qualify for active membership. They shall have all the privileges and obligations of active members except to vote, hold office or serve as a delegate in the ASRT House of Delegates.

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Student Members

Student Members ($25 for 2 years) shall be those who are enrolled in primary medical imaging or radiation therapy programs. Eligibility for student membership shall terminate upon completion of or discontinuation in the initial educational program. Student members shall have all the privileges and obligations of active members except to hold office.

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Retired Members

Retired Members ($35) shall be those who have retired from healthcare and have retirement status or hold a certificate of recognition from a certification agency recognized by the ASRT, or who meet Social Security Administration requirements for retirement. Retired members shall have all the privileges of active members except to hold office or serve as a delegate in the ASRT House of Delegates. Retired members shall pay reduced dues/fees and receive reduced levels of membership products and services as determined by the Board of Directors.

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