Memorial Lecture

The 2021 Memorial Lecture Selection Committee is seeking nominations.

The Memorial Lecture was instituted to honor deceased members of the Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists.

The Society views the Memorial Lecture as an instrument for stimulating professional growth of its members and has established the lecture as a fitting tribute to departed members who have contributed to the organization.

The Selection Committee is calling for nominations for future Memorial Lecturers. If you know of an ISSRT member who meets the criteria for this honor, please complete the attached nomination form to submit their name for consideration as a future lecturer.

Memorial Lecturer Selection Criteria:

  • Active member of the ISSRT with a minimum of 5 years continuous membership.
  • Hold at least one national certification/registration in the radiological sciences (i.e. radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, sonography), and hold advanced certifications (i.e. mammography, CT, cardiovascular, etc.).
  • Contribution to the ISSRT on both the district and state level as an officer and/or committee chair and/or active member of several committees.
  • Educational level attained and professional continuing education accumulated.
  • Experience in any of the modalities and various positions within the radiologic sciences.
  • Contributions to professional organizations including involvement at the local, state, national, and international level; contributions to accreditation or credentialing or certification boards.
  • Scholarly contributions including publications, research, lecturership.
  • Accomplishments relating to the community, charitable or other civic activity.

Memorial Lecturer Nomination Form

  • Nominator Information

    *Note: nominations are only accepted from ISSRT active members
  • Nominee Information

    I wish to nominate the ISSRT member named below for Memorial Lecturer

  • Please note that the nomination, supporting documentation as appropriate, and nominee’s curriculum vitae must be received by the ISSRT Executive Office no later than March 1 of each year. Nominations received after that date will be forwarded to next year’s Memorial Lecturer Selection Committee, and must meet all eligibility requirements for that year. Those nominees that meet the criteria for consideration by the Committee but are not selected as the Memorial Lecturer would automatically be reconsidered for the following two years; therefore would be considered by a total of 3 selection committees. If the nominee is not selected within this 3 year timeframe, the nomination is removed from further consideration but may be re-nominated at subsequent years.