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ISSRT History

In 1936, we were known as the ISSXT – “Illinois State Society of X-ray Technicians.” Today we are known as the ISSRT – “Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists.

he name X-Ray Technician was changed to Radiologic Technologists on November 13, 1963.
By 1979, the use of the original old name “technician,” continued only because it was the original name used. We needed to reorient the use of “phrases” used in our profession, being creatures of habit, we were accustomed to the “old ways.” Here are some “phrases” we commonly use:

The use of the word “training.” You “train animals,” but you “educate people.”

The use of “taking an x-ray.” How far are we taking it and can we take it in a paper bag or is a cardboard box better? What we are really making is a radiograph.

The use of the word “field.” When we talk about the “field” of x-ray, we really mean discipline or the medical specialty, unless we are talking about agriculture.

The use of the word “paramedical.” Paramedical was replaced by “allied health” which has been replaced by “allied medical profession.”

Corrections have been made to use the proper name “Technologist” through efforts of the state “ISSRT” and national “ASRT” levels. Even the word “Technologist” has changed to ” Radiographer” and ” Radiologic Science Professionals.”