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Participants will have 3 opportunities to pass the quiz with a minimum of 75% accuracy



#1. The presenter, Jamie Harwood, is the coroner in ___ county, Illinois

#2. Jamie Harwood has the expectation that everyone involved in healthcare be willing to give back to their community in some capacity. One of his own main focuses is the Gift of Hope organ and tissue donation. What first piqued his interest in this organization?

#3. Jamie Harwood demonstrated increasing death reports during his tenure as county coroner. He explained that the increasing trend in death is due to the larger elderly population. What did he list as the two major causes of death in this population?

#4. In Coroner Harwood’s county, there has been a trending decrease in the number of autopsies being performed since 2016. He indicated that he is better able to establish the cause of death without the use of an autopsy due to ___.

#5. Lividity of the body is used to help determine time of death. Lividity of the body will set in within ___ hours of the time of death.

#6. Rigor mortis first starts in the deceased’s ___.

#7. A “rule of thumb” for determining cause of death using body temperature is ___.

#8. According to Coroner Harwood, the use of imaging plays the most vital role in resolving cause of death in ___ cases.

#9. What was the single most important source of job satisfaction specifically for Coroner Harwood?